Language of spirit (continued)

This is a continuation of the conversation posted yesterday.

So if a woman becomes pregnant with a child and then has an illness that creates deafness in the baby, would that be the choice of the child or would it be chance?

It could be either. There are times when that was the promise at hand and there are times when it wasn’t and it is an act of chance. Each thing is different; each evolution of being is different. Thus the growth is different and unique. But the conscious understanding of the spirit is as old as their vibrational state may be. And so when they arrive they are where they are.

I will say to you that it is very unlikely a new soul would choose to create a body that would have difficulties. There wouldn’t be a reason for it in their understanding of that place and time. If this was a very evolved being (as mostly they are) that chooses what might be thought of as difficulty (but is the greatest learning and often the greatest gift). Then this is an evolved being. And they are prepared. And people will say when they have been close to someone like this, “how could they be so strong or so wise or so evolved?” It is because they are.

So if a being should be blessed to be a mother or father or a relation of a child like this, know that this is a very evolved being. Nearly always.

It’s good to know.

I don’t know if it is.

It’s difficult though.


I’m still thinking of how we know things. You talk about looking into the eyes of a baby. And you can see such depth and know that they are seeing your soul. How is it that… why do we lose that?

Because it is often very difficult to stay in the physical body and have that awareness. At a stage in which you have no control over things, it is necessary for the conscious mind to dull that. It shall return.

It can return at the end of life.

Not always at the end. It can return at any point at which the child or being wishes to be more open, to feel it.

Or at moments?

Yes. There have been those that have chosen to have that and stay in that state from infancy. They have been your Einsteins, your being of great intellectual prowess. But sometimes it is too much for the physical world, for this is a place of learning and when one is very evolved it can cause great difficulty.

I understand that.

Early in life. It is usually acceptable by some stage. Very often the human condition finds it difficult to understand that the baby that you hold in your arms may be much more evolved than you. Has beyond you the intelligence. It is humorous the way they write theories about how young children can learn a language so quickly. It is because they haven’t the limitations of that that has already been decided.

Their world, their ability, at the point of being awoken in a body is that already-evolved state of knowing. They already know what a ball is. They’ll just figure out what you call it. It’s not a surprise to see a face. They’ll just see an old being that they knew before.

I felt that very strongly when my son was born.


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    How can I communicate better with the spirits. At times No. 14 has been used by the spirits to convey specific information and to indicate that there is misunderstanding or hesitation on understanding the message.Any tips?

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