Sensing family members who have passed over

Vonna says she posts to a forum about after-life knowledge and she feels she connects with family members who have passed over. She wants to know if it’s real or just her imagination. And will she be able to have more interaction with these family members through this means or some other means?

Does it matter?

Does it matter if it’s real or imagination? Perhaps it does to her. I know what you’re saying.

Yes. The truth of her being, her understanding of what is real, her truth, allow her to believe in this that she sees. But she worries that there might be something that she might be judged on. There is part of this being so wanting (as a small child wants) to be loved, to be one of. Tell her not to be afraid, to love these beings, to trust that their energy is close to her. That she is not alone. Tell her to drink deep of love for herself that is there from them, to not judge it, to rejoice in it.

I know when you lose someone from this plane you’re left feeling empty. And I know that sometimes we grasp for things wanting to fill that emptiness and wonder if what we’re feeling is real or not.

The condition of the physical, the laws, the elements that surround it–these things have to do with gravity and the rate of movement of the vibration of all the cells and all energy. It is in this that you struggle, for you want to touch.


But your spirit touches—it moves through that. And so you must learn to trust with a different part. Your spirit has no difficulty dancing with a loved one. You might think it was a dream or a feeling. But in truth, it’s not the domain of the physical; it’s the domain of the spirit. And all is truth. When that that you be is. As I am, you are. Energy–a vibration that moves through all. It comes forward at your bidding. They; you. You have had bodies, physical bodies. Trust in the energy that moves them. You cannot see it with the physical eye; you cannot touch it with the physical hand. Spirit does. Your energy touches all that come to be with you. You are not separate from them. You are one. Trust in this.

Thank you. I’ll pass this information on to Vonna.

There are many in this world that sit and pass judgment. But often they are only seeking to find their own truth. It is not without knowledge to know that judgment must exist in the physical world. It is a creation of the conscious mind in order to protect. To move forward one must have the understanding that lies within free will. It is a tool to help you have clarity. Choices. Judging whether it is positive or negative. Do I move forward; do I stay put? It is only when it is out of balance that judgment is wielded as a great scabbard.

Yes, to keep every other way of looking at things at bay?

Yes, to keep from touching and feeling, to keep from being one with others. This is often when it becomes a negative. But is that not the truth in everything? As you have been told circles within circles, all things have a balance. All things have an opposite side—every word, every element of growth. And so as you enter into something most wonderful, part of you feels might this not be? Might it be the other side of the circle? Understand that it is both. And that it is harmony and balance and you will stand in the middle of it and be whole. You will understand these things.

And for Vonna, any final words?

To understand that she is an open being, filled with light and love. And she will draw those to her that she needs to. Tell her to speak of her need to have friendship and love in her life, to not be afraid. She will not burden anyone. In fact there are many that want to be with her, that surround her. They are a chosen family, physical beings, that will help her, that will give her all the worries and needs that she desires.

Thank you.

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