Laws of the Universe–what are they?

Kristine has a question about universal laws and the law of attraction. She wonders if these universal laws exist and where did the idea come from?

She is simply struggling with words. Because the word “law” in your civilization at this time means something very rigid and structured. And she doesn’t understand that the energies are not laws in this way. That they move in and out and back and forth as the time requires, as the support is needed, as the being that needs it is asked. These elements, these truths, are growing and moving and fulfilling all. She has forgotten that the physical world is a support world, is a support plane, which offers up all that is needed for growth. And of course, it is going to move and stretch and change.

What she wants to know is “what is concrete in this world?” What can I hang onto that will always be there. Tell this being that the energy of her physical world is returning. What does that mean? That what you give out, what you emit, what you believe in, your truth–will come back to you. And then it will be proven to you—as your truth. In other words: that that you ask for shall be. The truth of what you ask for, not with words but with your energy. Be it not as a law but as what your heart puts out.

Sometimes I think people believe that if they just say the right words and if they say them often enough, that what they want will occur…

It will not happen if what they put out by their heart is not the same. If they are putting out these words but it is truly against what is in their heart, it is what is in their heart that will manifest to them.

And sometimes people feel in their heart that they are not worthy of what they want.

Yes, and there lies the great struggle. And there lies that that they have come to make peace with and grow, with your laws of your universe. It is just the food of your universe. It is what all beings are. It is God. It is Mother Energy. It is whatever you wish to call it. It moves through you and brings to you what you need. What you ask for. Just as the promises that you have set out to learn come to you. You can hold them at a distance by your heart not thinking it wants them. So what about ill health for example? Many purposes for it. Some are promises. These are tasks you have asked to learn and grow through. Some of those are experiences that you must within your soul learn. As was spoken to you a long time ago, your world is a classroom in which you must learn every human experience, every physical experience, every experience known to a body. And so some are promises. Some are the body’s desire to speak to the spirit, some are the spirit’s desire to speak to the body, the bringing of one to the other. Some of these conditions are set up by the need of another being to grow, to do certain things. There are many conditions.

It’s very complicated.

Yes, just as there are the laws (you might call them). They are nothing so strict or rigid. It all moves, breathes, it lives. So this concept of the law of attraction gives people the idea that they can use a technique to get what they most dearly want. But do they understand what they dearly want? To be, to understand your truth, before you start bandying about many different desires is the most important step. To enter into the knowledge of being. To understand that you are one, but you are a multitude. And so all of this comes together in an energy form and it has created a body that carries you. And every cell has a voice and every cell has the capacity to hear. And the energy that moves all of it is your spirit, your piece of God, call it your battery. And so in the process of seeking out truth, many beings create these understandings to sell, to bring them money, but also to help them understand what they truly believe. For some this is a great stepping stone; for others it cannot even touch—they have moved far beyond it.

And there are many people who feel that having enough money will solve all their problems.

And you and I both know that this does not solve, it creates the opportunity for growth. It is a token; it is something exchanged between the beings. And it is truly out of balance in your physical world. It has been given a persona. As to whether it is good or bad—it is neither.

Well, it’s very easy to say that, however I do look at people who are desperately poor…

They are desperately poor because they are desperate within their beings. They do not stop to realize how or what they have or where they’re at. You have known those that owned nothing yet they feel they are wealthy beyond… Yes I know. That they will always have a meal because they have drawn it to them by the love that they be, that they are whole and full and fat. That they will grin the most magnificent grin and have not a tooth in that mouth. But they are at peace.

Mnnn. It has nothing to do with money.

And perhaps only those that have evolved quite a few spaces ahead will understand that, but it is quite possible to understand it at any state of growth, the very new or the very ancient. And all often sit in awe of those and query how they find such peace.

And it is so out of balance in North America where it’s all focused so much on material objects and status and wealth.

I know. It is often thought that it is only the lucky that get to live in this country, but that has nothing to do with evolution and growth. There is as much growing and learning here in the hands of those that have material things as there is in the lands where they are very impoverished. There is growth. Judge it not as to being positive or negative, or good or bad. But there are balances.

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  1. Cheryl January 28, 2008 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    I am finding my job to be increasing stressful. Changes to management have left me feeling unsupported,there are increased expections,staffing problems and new rules over which I have no control. I am wondering if I should leave this job or if the intensity of the challenges I am facing are lessons for me to learn?I also wonder if the agency that I work for is a separate intentity that has it’s own lessons and challenges and I am merely a bystander?

  2. wendy! November 7, 2008 at 9:12 am - Reply

    i thinkthe circles you refer to are the flower of life…google it….its connected somehow.

  3. Joanna November 7, 2008 at 10:14 am - Reply

    Yes, I did take a look at The Flower of Life on the internet and those images are beautiful and fascinating. It surely does relate to the term “circles within circles” and there is so much to ponder in these images. To me it connects the smallest of atoms with the galaxies. The circles within circles term is one that was given to us many years ago by a guide and we’re still trying to understand it.

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