Andrea wonders if animals can reincarnate as different animals, specifically horses to dogs.

No, each is on their own path. Not all creatures need guidance from us. Many are much more evolved and they are very able to do their work without this. Some entities of these creatures do come back and teach humans from time to time; but for themselves they do not change their vibration.

She has dreams of riding a horse that she had a strong bond with, and wants to know if this is a guide for her.

She knew this one from a previous lifetime. This one and others too. She feels humbled by all; it is part of her work. A strong connection, pure love.

She wonders about the connection in the dreams as she has the same strong feeling when she wakes up.

The dreams allow her to become one with these creatures; to be disencumbered from all of the physical world; to ride free. This is a very powerful being. She has a great desire to help the many. A teacher. She must not let others counsel her in her dreams. She must let them speak to her. They were created by her for her needs. The feeling in the body is not a dream, but a remembering.