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Something To Hold printed softcover book by Author Jane Kennard


Discover Jane Kennard’s new book entitled, Something To Hold. A beautiful book filled with inspiration from Jane’s lifelong experiences as a clear and direct channel for Spirit Guides.

It is Jane’s deep desire to help you know you are loved and that you are not alone.

“I have been searching for a way to bring you into your spiritual self.
Let me take you on a remembering. For that is what this is.” – Jane Kennard

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Jane’s purpose and intention for writing this book at this time…

I asked my Guide, how do I help?

You spoke about giving people something, something to remind them, something to hold, something to create a ritual of openness within them. Most people right now want to be connected, and they have never felt so unconnected, separated. It is a time when voices can be heard because your world has gone quiet. So remind them that their voice still carries a strength perhaps farther than they ever could. It is a time to hear their own voice and to be sure that it is their truth. To give them something, a hand in the darkness to hold onto during these difficult times could be essential for the growth of many. Nothing so profound that it causes great intensity of thought, but simplicity and truth. To walk a path of clarity. To hear with their heart, to seek their truth in the highest form, that they know it, and it is truth.


“Dear Jane, it is a profound experience to receive a response from you (guides); and, upon receiving the message, a change begins to shape itself and clarity emerges. I am most thankful for what you offer into this world.” – Joyce

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