I have been curious lately about developing my abilities and am interested in becoming a channel. As this is what you do, I am curious of any advice you would have for me. I understand we all have these abilities and am interested to know if this is beneficial for me to pursue.
Dearest  Andrea, you are already a channel and you can tune yourself to any station you wish. What you are afraid of is having the confidence to speak it out loud to other people.  Your conversations within your being are amazing with those entities around you and others that come close to you.
But, of course, your heart is going to thrash wildly as you are about to speak about it.  It is not from your mind, it is from what you might want to call the outer limits.  But it is out of your realm the information comes.  So of course you will be unsure at first.  Take your time and place and space and do all according what is comfortable for you. Do not charge forward or you will feel weak and easily flatten.  Go slowly and quietly, but be very clear, you are already a channel, my dear.