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backflip_by_mariposamorpho-d2yd4juLa Toya:     

What am I supposed to be doing as a career? I feel as if I am standing still facing several possible avenues to travel down, toward the career path that is right for me and at the same time feeling lost. I don’t know if it’s even possible to get specifics to this question from my spirit guides without the vague answer like “helping people.” Crossing guards “help people,” the car wash attendant “helps people.” I am confused and feeling like I’m running out of time to make a move.


Oh, please stop judging yourself so harshly, my dear. That’s the first thing I want to say.  All beings have their purpose and what they need to do, and you will find yours. You have great capacity and you’re highly intellectual. And you probably should go back to school for a bit (just for a bit, not for long term) to help that that you need to do.

You’ve also adopted an understanding of who you should or shouldn’t be from your early life, and that’s what you’re burdening under right now. And don’t judge that others are doing lesser or greater jobs; each being does what they need to do to grow. It’s about growing my dear. It’s about growing, stretching yourself, choosing the highest for your being.

You’re a little bit angry right now with everything and you would like it to be a little bit clearer. But you don’t want to follow the route that you think you should. You’re too wise to do this game, my dear. You know where you need to go.

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