Finding work that makes you truly happy

Andrea has asked a question. She says first that she is happy and grateful for her wonderful life, but she asks about her husband. He is in the process of leaving his job as he is unhappy. He is having a hard time with the fear of not having the security of a steady paycheck. Andrea would like to know what she can do to help to ease his transition. He wants so badly to follow his heart, but he is also so responsible, he feels the need to be the provider. Andrea just want him to find something that truly makes him happy, but he is not sure how to find it.

This blessed being is doing everything that she needs to do. She is giving this one great love and support, but she cannot do it for him. It is nothing about a secure paycheck that she speaks, it is about security within himself. He is often not sure about some of the choices he has made in life, and yet he has been a very successful being and he needs to know that. That he has every right to choose something that will fill him with joy and bring whatever he needs to him. It is there for him. The greatest work for him is to trust. To trust in himself, and the brilliant light that he be. My goodness, this is an enchanted being. Unfortunately he does not see how truly magnificent he is. It’s helping him to achieve this. Tell her to continue with her brilliant support of this one and that he is already a great success. And that choosing happiness for him teaches the greatest thing he can ever teach his family.

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  1. horses23 April 10, 2008 at 7:06 pm - Reply

    I have a question bout my cat. Her name is Louise. She is 16 and I got her at 2 months. It has not always been easy for her, to be my cat. But she is unique. She has some actual language. She can talk, as some cats do, in cat sounds. There is something unique about her. when I moved to a certain town, in a nice big house, after she had been cooped up in a small house for a while, I watched her run down the front steps in great happiness when we first moved in. As she ran down the steps, a huge purple star exploded from her body into the air around her and several other smaller, multicolored stars. A few days later, as she stood in the center of the living room of that house, (where I was having a GREAT amount of trouble, some health problems had hit my life unexpectedly and I was all alone…except for Louise)as I watched her standing in the living room that day, I saw clearly a stovepipe chakra extending visibly in a bright blue light from the centre of her spine up right through the roof of the house. It was very clear. The only stovepipe chakra I have ever seen. Sometimes I have been mean to her when I have been in difficulty and short tempered and I always suffer guilt for that, shouting at her sometimes when under great stress and frightening her. Mind you, she is a little ball of stubbornness herself, come to that. I love her very much and wonder if she is, indeed, a special gift to me from spirit to help me on my way. She will soon go home now, as she is getting older, but I don’t know what I will do without her. Can you please perhaps talk to me about her? Thank you. Vonna

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