Cheryl says she’s finding her job increasingly stressful. There have been changes to the management, and those changes have left her feeling unsupported, and there are increased expectations of her, with new rules over which she has no control. She is wondering if she should leave the job or if the intensity of the challenge she is facing are lessons for her to learn.

A long time ago this blessed one decided she didn’t want to stay there any longer. I must say she has a very strong will to make herself stay, for she has long since passed the time since she has felt she was one with everyone there. Time and time again she has seen them come and go and not be too understanding for what is needed.

Her deep passion and love for humanity has been often put on the shelf. She needs to address this now, and to follow that which she needs to do. It has had a price staying in this place. Yes there were certain comforts it afforded her, but now it is beginning to weigh heavy on her being she needs to address this because the cost has become too dear for her being.

She wonders if the agency where she works is a separate entity that has its own lessons and challenges, and if she is merely a bystander.

This can happen when a group of beings gather together, but she knows very well right now that this seems to be not happening with this that she is in. She feels helpless for a reason. It is true that beings, when they gather together with a sole purpose of one thing or another, that many things can be accomplished. The momentum that is gathered with the positive energy of all beings with the one belief, with the one desire, can move mountains. No mountains are being moved where she is now, and this makes her very sad.

I am not answering this with specifics. It is something she has already thought of. She wants to be told with clarity that the next step is a sure thing but, would she be growing if I told her exactly what she needed to do? She is a blessed being, very wise, and has outgrown this place, and she knows it very well. Tell her to trust in her wisdom and to choose to grow.