Balancing time with children and demands of business

Lori wants to know if she is going in the right direction with her business.. She wants more freedom to be with her kids but also to be financially stable.

This blessed mother gives her best to her children, and knows when she does not so she need never worry. She does worry about money and has great talent—talent and the ability to create that that she needs to do. There are many things she can do to create money. Anything that she focuses on she shall succeed in. This is a being of great light. Speak to her of being enjoying of her children and their time together. She teaches them more than she understands. She teaches them about the love of life, and the clarity of making choices to the highest of ones ability. This is a great teaching of being.

It’s often hard to find the balance between the time with your children and the time to make a business successful.

In her heart she knows. And as long as a being is aware of this, she will make the right choice. Tell her to find joy. She is very concerned about the needs of others. I do not add more complication by saying find joy for herself. This she needs to do for she will teach that as well.

Thank you. That’s good advice for all mothers I think.


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