What does it mean to be one of the Christ light?


In the lifetime when Jesus was present, can you speak of the true teachings from that time? Can this truth and love help still assist in our growth now? If one of the Christ light is here on the planet now, how is that light and love assisting in this time of the Overturn? Thank you dear guides.

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There are many of this vibration. “Christ” is translated as light. It simply means the vibrational state of a very evolved being. There are many in your world, in your dimension, that are of this vibration. And they do teach, and they teach very similar things that this one did. And the one that you consider the Christ, there are many of them. But this one’s promise to be is very similar to what you believe now.

It was a time of great violence. It was not too dissimilar to your life now: the very poor and the very rich, the have and the have-nots, the new and the old. And the new were in control, very similar to your world now. And yes, there are beings of this light, of this energy, present in your world now, teaching, affecting many.

And this filters through to all parts of your evolution.  Global warming (as you call it) is about the haves and the have-nots, about the evolved and those that are very new. And always that that is created in between will suffer. It is why there are not many middle-aged souls. For they are the ones that do the teaching, they are the ones that do most of the preaching (in the positive avenue).

So you are at a time of great highs and lows. And you’ve placed yourselves, though highly evolved, in the middle. And often times you don’t have words to answer, but you have empathy and compassion. And so you teach—by your life, by how you live it, how you walk in it. For that is how the one that you revere so greatly lived. He got angry, got frustrated, felt alone—and was killed.

You live in the same type of energy now. But you are not alone. And yes, entities of spirit can help those that listen, because as you listen your choices change. You see, it’s all about growth. We are here to help you grow–until the point in which you can no longer be in the physical domain. Then you move to another realm.

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