Judy also wondered how to be with her older son who is raging. She asks if they have spoiled him or not expected enough.

This son needs to know that he is loved and accepted. Use the word “love.” Use the word. Don’t just assume. Yes, it’s all right to be angry at these certain actions; but you love him at the same time, completely. Completely. She is afraid of losing his love. Many things in her life she has made choices out of a fear that others won’t love her. This son needs to know that she loves him. And the father as well.

She asks if you could speak to the path that they as parents should be following to help him move through this negative state.

Strength. United strength. Not to be frightened by this one. Not to fear their actions. But to stay strong. And very much it is time to talk. If there is something inside, and there are many things within this one that is brewing now, then let’s talk about it. Put it on the table and both mother and father must be brave to hear it all and to not judge it or be hurt by it. But to hear it coming from a child who is very confused about the world’s expectations and who is very angry with everything. But in truth just needs to have someone very strong saying, “we’re here.

And will he talk?

He will—if they listen. Do not put the words in his mouth, but listen. It’s not about having his way; it’s about being seen and seen as important. This is what he needs. Bless these beautiful people. Tell them to be that that they are. They have amazing beautiful beings in their family, very intelligent. They will bring forward many wonderful things.

This is the second part of Judy’s question. The guide’s response reminds us that we always need to be recognized and seen by our loved ones for who we really are. And that it is our job to also be our deepest truth. The guides often use the term “be that that you are” and this seems like it would be a positive goal for a new year. we’ll ask them to talk a bit more about this. Meanwhile, we extend our best wishes for happy, peaceful and healthy 2008.