Barbara writes:

I feel that I have gained tremendous growth within the last five years of my life. I have gone through many life changes, all for the better, and I feel at peace. I have always felt that I am a very intuitive soul but because of lack of confidence and allowing others to doubt my intuition, I have often made decisions that were not in the best interest for me.

I am now once again confronted with a situation in my life. I have met someone who I feel could be a good life partner for me. Things are moving slowly, at a snail’s pace. But because I feel so positive about what will be, I don’t feel discouraged about the length of time it may take before we both decide that this will be good for both of us. However, I have those friends who feel skeptical about this relationship ever coming to fruition and while I know I have to go with my gut feeling, when constantly being bombarded with the naysayers, that horrible, useless, emotionally damaging doubt makes its way into this. Giving me some insight into my intuitiveness would be a great help. Am I on the right path? Thank you!

The guide responds:

Dearest, dearest Barbara, you have worked very hard to learn to trust your own inner knowledge.  Remember that it is you who is developing the relationship with this being, not these other naysayers as you call them.  So worry not of their skepticism or I might say jealousy, and allow your being to do and be as it should.  The simple fact that when they are speaking their negative words to you and your heart feels very upset should tell you that this is something you should not listen to.  Trust your own self and allow this relationship to be as it needs to be. This one you want in your life is a gentle being and will not fit the mold of any of those.  Trust, my dear, you are doing very well.