Mind-cell-body relationship (healing)

Doris wanted to know how to alleviate her leg pain and whether she’s made the right decision about refusing surgery.

Dear, dear Doris must first understand what the pain in the legs means to her. She is very tired. She has been taking care of herself for a very long time. She often wishes that she could just be taken care of. And this radiates back to her in an understanding of who she is and where she is and how she is. She has to understand about how the mind-cell-body relationship is. When she wholly understands this and takes time for herself, and truly understands the process. It took a long time getting to where it is and it will take a long time for it to recover. There are many means and ways that she can do this.

Was she right not to have surgery? There is no quick fix. I know in your world it is often easier to have someone else do it for you but she must understand her feeling comes from within her. There are things she can do. She can wrap her legs early before she rises in the morning. She can massage them with sesame oil. She can take natural anti-inflammatories, which are in green foods and spicy foods. She shouldn’t take too much aspirin. She should eat fish and turmeric is very good. It is good for relieving inflammation. She has inflammation in the veins and the stress in her veins is from her understanding. She must realize that she is in control. She should eat no sugar or white flour, and avoid all wheat. Eat lots of green vegetables, rice, oils. And she should reduce the weight of her body for her legs. Most of the swelling in her body is protection–to protect herself from the world. She has often felt that she has to give so much. She needs to understand now how to be, to be that that she is—radiant and beautiful.

This is advice that is given to so many people. Is it that we forget or we are too busy? Why is it so hard for us to do that?

Often in the early stages of development, the conscious mind accepts an understanding of themselves that is contrary to being perfect love, growing and experiencing all things. The being comes to believe that they must fulfill the needs of others, or else that they are being judged and that they have to do or be or act certain way. It is a constant struggle to undo this, to un-remember.

Often it results in an illness or physical problems.

Yes, for there is only so long that cells can maintain an understanding that is contrary to what they came for.

So the advice to be that that you are is to let go of preconceived ideas of who you are and what you should be. To let go of those patterns and start to just be.

Often it isn’t just the conscious mind that accepts this understanding, but in the heart. That’s where the true understanding lies. It’s a need to go back to the time in the understanding where you absorbed it. And to realize what occurred. Realizing that this doesn’t belong. It wasn’t needed. It’s not a condemning or a condoning; it’s an understanding of who you truly are—an amazing being. Yes, there are certain promises, certain issues, certain tasks you will learn and grow from, but you do not have to be fighting constantly against the current by absorbing something that someone else has placed on you.

This is so common. Can counseling help? Or a process of some kind?

Understand that you have all the information you need in your body. Some of it is just not open to you. You have blocked it either by pain or by simply not wanting to move forward. You need to talk to it. You need to have a constant communication. Step out of yourself. See your body. Witness who you are. How you’re doing, how you’re reacting. Talk to yourself. Do it with love, with tenderness, with compassion. Know you are an amazing multitude of communities in one. Each cell has an understanding of what is needed. If there has been some misdirection along the way, you need to go back to it and say “where did this come from and how can I alleviate this?”

Give yourself permission to have the pain and to learn from it. Often people create an illness to be heard. They want someone to hear them and to see them. She can love herself and listen to her body. Tell Doris to put down her burdens. So often she has felt that she done all the giving and often she resists accepting love from others. She pushes love and tenderness away from her. It is there for her. Tell this dear one to be the light that she is, to open her heart to the many, to allow them close. She is loved.

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    Several questions… Is it feasible for me to leave my current job in Sept. I feel I am finished with it but my younger son wants to go to a small private school and not the local high school. Is this a good choice for him and what does he need? Secondly, why is our older son raging? Have we spoiled him, have we not expected enough? What does he need from us? Could you speak to the path that we as parents should be doing to help him move through this negative state? Many thanks to you both ! Love Judy

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