Darcy has worries about the path she has chosen. She wants to know if she is on the correct path for her life.

This one is weary. This one feels very weary and wonders if there is some path she has been walking beside and missing something great and important. No, this dear one is not missing anything. There are certain things that have occurred in this one’s life that she now needs to take time to understand. And to understand that the choices she makes now would be different from the ones that she made before. For she has grown, grown through these elements and learned through these things that happened in the most recent past. She needs to look at them, to take time to truly see all that is, hear all that is, to be the growth that has taken place. And to understand that her truth and the choices she will make now will be different. That she is not going to repeat old patterns. That it is time, most definitely, for some new things. And there are some very new things on her path. She will not feel so weary and so tired in time. It’s appropriate now. It’s not unusual that certain things will weigh heavy on a being. But there is joy ahead when she truly sees her path and what it offers her. Every lifetime has a time when you look at your path and go, “Oh what am I doing here?” And the truth is, it is only a very small fraction of the true path that you be on.

Sometimes it feels impossible to change; we feel stuck on a path, or imprisoned on a path.

But it is never impossible to change anything. For you simply look at it a different way and you’ve changed it. You open a new understanding and you’ve changed it.

Yeah, sometimes it just takes a shift in the way you look at it.

You know many people who might view their life as nothing and yet you would see their accomplishments as huge. And others you might think “Oh that doesn’t seem to be much” and in there they are just filled with light and love and perfectly happy.

It’s not the external trappings, I know that. Any other words for Darcy?

Dear, dear Darcy. There is light, there is love, and there is wonder for you.