Accommodating yourself to others needs

Christine asks if she will ever have a wonderful relationship with a man.

Yes. She has been a very accommodating being for others. And has never asked for anything for her own being. And it is with great pleasure I speak that yes, there is a wonderful being that she is to meet. And this being shall embrace the whole of her.

She says she had a relationship with Jim previously and wonders if it’s a good idea for them to continue being friends now.

She cannot do anything but be a friend for that is her accommodating self. She will always feel his need and his pain, but he not hers. So she should offer that that she is willing to do. And she should understand that he will truly seek her to help his state of being. But he might not be understanding of her state of being. For that that was cannot be again.

May I speak about Christine’s accommodating nature? Early in life she wanted to please all beings. A very sensitive child, she never felt part of the whole, but more that she was always needing to do for others. Not that she was a servant in any sense, but perhaps more in servitude. She felt this as a small child and has carried this forward. She needs to understand that it can be released and that she no longer needs to live under this understanding. Being attentive to her needs, addressing her growth is very good for her.

It’s not an uncommon situation.

It affects many beings this way. And there is growth involved so it is never a negative. Understand that.

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