Love is what is needed to be given to a father

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I've been thinking about my father. There was an unspoken energy between us. There were no words of love or hugs and kisses. It wasn't until he became a grandfather that I truly got to see who he was. A kind and loving man with a heart so tender. I don't think it's easy to [...]

A father is sizing up his path

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Do you have any insights about how to best help my father around his general health? He was prescribed a medication, but my father declined to take it because of the side effects. My mother feels he is declining. Listen to the audio of this Guide's message. Oh blessed one, do not fear. This [...]

A time of light and love

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I believe this virus is an instrument for our growth. We are present in a time of great learning. A time when all of us are growing and experiencing the same lesson, but each with our own choices for growth. I ask you to be the light that you are and to choose your highest [...]

Make the choice to receive healing touch

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Touch can assist circulation and healing of a broken femur I'm asking for guidance around the healing of my hip fracture again. I've had episodes of a lot of swelling around the fracture site recently even though I've been told the x-rays show the femur has mended. I worry about the femur being mended and [...]

Forgiveness frees you to move forward

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A guide’s answer reveals that pain in the body manifests a need for emotional healing For a year now, I have had problems with my throat. Deep aching in my jaws, tightness in my throat; mucus at the back of my tongue which makes my voice hoarse, and earaches. Sometimes, mid sentence, I cannot get [...]

You can make choices for good health and restful sleep

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I struggle with my health. I have sore kidneys, extremely bad sleep therefore low energy, and dry skin. How do I improve my health as I would like to be strong, vibrant with lots of energy and live a healthy long life? If you really truly believe that you want to be those things, you [...]

Finding calm and rest after an illness

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How do I heal the problem causing me to cough and have mucous. I think it is bronchitis. How do I heal this? It is keeping me housebound. Also, how do I stop the migraines from occurring? Thank you. Dearest one, your cough actually has no basis any more, but was set up by an [...]

Absorbing minerals after exercise

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After running do I need to replace any minerals, and is it safe to ingest these supplements in pill form, or must they come from food sources? Guide – Of course the most wonderful way to get minerals is from that that you eat. But you’re not about to eat bits of dirt and the [...]


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