Finding calm and rest after an illness


How do I heal the problem causing me to cough and have mucous. I think it is bronchitis. How do I heal this? It is keeping me housebound. Also, how do I stop the migraines from occurring? Thank you.

Dearest one, your cough actually has no basis any more, but was set up by an infection that you did have. There are certain conditions that arise that are irritating the lining, the top of the lungs and the throat.

You also sometimes have a reaction to too dry air. Always have a glass of water beside you to sip on, and also the evaporation of the water into the air will help you. Have nice warm showers, or baths where the air is wet and breathe deeply. Sometimes when you breathe deeply you might even feel the need to wretch, or almost vomit. It is simply because the top of your lungs, the small, little… I don’t know if you know the name of these, celia, were somewhat damaged by the infection, but give it time and they will reform and you will be well. Worry not of this cough. Take a deep breath of warm, wet air and it will help soothe it.

There are things like warm drinks with some honey in them are very healing. Anything which soothes will help you. Do not worry, blessed one. You are not ill. You simply have something that your body is taking a while for your body to heal.

She also mentioned her migraines.

Well, these you know very well what causes them. You find yourself getting terribly anxious and then you do not eat properly and then you fuss and you pace and build the energies higher and higher causing you truly to misfire in your brain and this disconnect causes great irritation and pain.

Calm yourself. When you feel yourself getting very anxious and well, ramping up your energies, you must be still or go out into the air where the air is cool and go for a gentle walk; a walk where you hear and see people; not in very bright sunlight and do not go in into crowded high energy places, but calming, soothing places and this will help you.

If you have allowed this pain to be created already and now to bring it out, don’t go out for a walk. Sit quietly and put pressure with one heel upon the very nail of one other big toe, one foot against the other, press down quite hard and then release it and then do the opposite foot, the heel upon the nail bed of the big toe. This causes to break that circle, or cycle of pain that you have set up. If someone kind is close to you and they can apply pressure to it, it works even better; for then you do not do it yourself, but someone else breaks that cycle.

Also, you could apply ice to the toes; the nail beds mostly. There are many ways in which you just… if you understand that you are one complete cycle, one unit. To break this cycle sometimes pressing the flesh between the thumb and the first finger will help; or immersing your hands in ice, cold water.

If it is very, very bad, ice cold cloths to the side of your neck where your carotid artery is, that is just below the chin and ear. Try not to get it so bad that you must do these things and sit quietly and concentrate on the pain and go into it. This will help.

You have the power to release your being from these states that you must own. You have created them. You are the one in control of this amazing body. Love it, dearest one. Don’t be afraid. Love it.



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  1. Sahara Wind June 29, 2015 at 6:02 am - Reply

    If in a person’s family lineage there is cardiac or a cancer history, for example, can an individual’s spirit override the DNA or genetic mapping in their cells? In between lives if an individual’s promises does not include the experience of having this type of illness or disease can spirit override the genetic coding in the body?

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