Absorbing minerals after exercise


After running do I need to replace any minerals, and is it safe to ingest these supplements in pill form, or must they come from food sources?

Guide – Of course the most wonderful way to get minerals is from that that you eat. But you’re not about to eat bits of dirt and the elements that are truly needed within you. Eat grounding foods, things that are grown in the ground, tubers, carrots, soups of many different vegetables are wonderfully full of minerals.

Try to never discard any liquid that a vegetable is cooked in. But also, if you’re going to take pills, chew them. Begin the digestion in the mouth. It will tell you how much you need or how much you can tolerate. It’s often discounted, the importance of the saliva and the conditions in the mouth. And it’s true, that if you do not let your food sit long enough in your mouth it will not serve the purpose that it is put in there for. So slow down and take more time to eat and to rest after eating. Your system needs to work slowly to absorb all that is necessary.

Minerals, potassium, magnesium, all things from fruit and vegetables are good, but when the body is in the most difficult state, take the vitamin or mineral pill in your mouth and chew it. Chew it for at least 20 seconds.



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