Every year decorating is a busy event. The house would be filled with the noise of telling stories and laughter. This year of course is different.

The house is quiet. As I decorate, I have time to think, time to remember, time to be in touch.

The many different decorations and crafts made with and by loved ones. I feel them all here with me. I see them happy and well, surrounding them with love, knowing they will feel it.

Those who have passed, in turn, I feel their presence with me. I hear their voices. I often chatter away with them, keeping them up to date. I love that we are never truly separated. This love connects us all and never ends.

It has been said that many more people are having paranormal experiences now during COVID. I believe it’s because we all had to slow down and pay attention to our world.

Expect them to show up. Loved ones are near.




Photo (with thanks) by Eugenia Romanova on Unsplash