A father asks about his spirited daughter

My question relates to the youngest of my two daughters. We are prone to butt heads at times on seemingly trivial matters. Can you help me understand the underlying reason for this and how can we resolve it and move forward?

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Well, my entity, your youngest daughter, is super charged and knows very much you might say stubborn, but I say very clear on what direction needs to go. And, just like you in many ways, so of course you are going to “butt heads” as you call it, so don’t be frustrated. Allow my blessed being to experience things and know that you cannot stop my being from making mistakes; that is her right.

Just simply when you feel this friction building up say “oh I feel that we are getting way too friction. I just love you and that is where we will leave it.” Don’t butt heads. Change the scenario and you have the power to do so, my dear.

You are very, very wondrous and I love you very much, but I have to say very few will stand in the way of my entity and it is quite acceptable. You taught her to be this way and now it is up to you to just accept it. I love you my dear.

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