All Creatures Great And Small

Thank goodness for our pets. Well, that’s what some people call them. I usually call them ‘The Boys’. With the virus causing such a strain on us, thank goodness we have them. Spirit tells me that these beautiful creatures have come to teach us unconditional love. If there ever was a more perfect time to have them with us – it’s now.

George and Harry, named after the Bailey boys from the movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, were gifted to me Christmas 2016. After my husband Barry and I had decided not to have any more pets, Barry surprised me – I cried all day. They have been such joy. You cannot feel sad with a fuzzy face looking at you. I know not all pets have fuzzy faces, but I’m partial to them. I have many fuzzy friends that I love, and their owners too.

Do we own them or do they choose us?

It matters not, just glad and thankful they’re willing to be here with us.

God bless them all.




Photo (with thanks) by Maxim Mushnikov on Unsplash

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