When you are confused, go to a place where the wind can touch your face

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I recently moved to the coast and wonder what that is going to look like for me. Am I meant to be here? Well, relocating is somewhat of a strange thing. When a person goes away and comes back it is never the same. Remember that, it will be a different experience. Your future is entirely up to you [...]

It is a time of great change–but do not fear it

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Tell the blessed beings that are present now in your world that this is a time of great change and upheaval in many ways.  But do not fear it. Do not fear it, but embrace it. There are good things at hand. There is nothing to fear but fear in its ugliest state, when it [...]

Put the bow of your boat into the waves and you shall get to shore

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A guide speaks with one who has taken on a stressful course of study. Do you have any advice about getting through the next two years of the course I am taking that I love but is driving me and everyone around me crazy. I am very tired. And how do I learn and process [...]

A need to create harmony and balance with our earth

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The earth has been talking to you for a long time I’ve seen videos of strange sounds that seem to come from the earth in places around the world. What are they? Man-made. There is much that has been occurring, digging into the earth that causes a distortion. But they are man-made in origin. Your [...]

Choose things closest to nature to support your lifestyle

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A conversation about plastic and man-made things that do not return to the natural state I was wondering about the energy of plastics and these man-made things floating around in the ocean... They are actually inert, they do not have energy. They are created out of things that were alive but in a negative way. [...]

Keeping yourself balanced and whole

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A guide suggests ways to keep spirit and body in balance. Every day say to yourself: I shall be balanced and whole. For you know very well when you go too far in any one direction with your health you become confused as to what is right for you. Walk in a balanced world in [...]

To trust or not to trust, the individual must decide

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Can you tell me about this healer man who calls himself John of God. Can you tell us anything about him? He is a simple man. He is a being who has found himself in a position, placed there by others; by others who need to believe in something very amazing. He will often say [...]