How the Bible came to be and its relevance now

Kristine asked about the bible and religious texts and how they came to be.

Here’s what the Guide shared with us:

The bible was first a series of beautiful songs and stories, and then it was decided that it should be written down. That’s when the stories began telling people how to be good, and how to behave, and then eventually how to be controlled. Its beginning was blissful and wonderful–stories of light and love and joy and teaching of souls and how they evolve. Then it became understood that it could be used in order to control a great numbers of people. The control came from the people who were writing it down. And then it was translated, and in that translation, it was controlled a bit more. And this is the story of all of these books. They were begun by Beings full of light and love and ended up being full of control.

It’s not negative, rather it’s in how its translated, how its understood and how its read. And for those that need to have this great strong structure, it is that. And for those that need to move beyond it, it works for that too. And there are beautiful stories in it still.

Who is the devil? The creation of something evil that can control. There must be a very great “bad” in order to make people good. There is no Satan. There is no Beelzebub. There is light and love. It’s life-giving; it offers great growth and forward movement. If you hold this book and your Being feels inspired and lightened, it is good. If you hold this book and your Being feels charged with condemnation and control, well—your growth will be affected by that. Perhaps it is not the book, but where you are and what you need. There have been wars over the words in these books that were meant to fill our hearts with light and love.

Also, Beings should understand that what is being written now in other books of great life and love can help Beings to move forward. Understand that the condition of the human being changes as they move forward. Old ways change. You wouldn’t be expected to wear the fashion of 100 years ago. So why would you be expect to follow a text that was used to control hundreds of years ago?

They are wonderful, these teachings. They open doors and they close them. Think of them as tools for choice, for learning, for growth. Like many things, they are both positive and negative.

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  1. Kristine Geldart November 19, 2007 at 12:42 am - Reply

    Thanks so much for this answer! I remember, many, many years ago when I was looking to believe in something, I began to read the Bible. Judgement Day used to scare the heck out of me!

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