The earth has been talking to you for a long time

I’ve seen videos of strange sounds that seem to come from the earth in places around the world. What are they?

Man-made. There is much that has been occurring, digging into the earth that causes a distortion. But they are man-made in origin. Your mother earth may moan and groan and grump about it but they are man-made in origin. The grinding of rocks together, the movement of water, the emulsions of hot volcanic sources do not have distortion sounds. What you speak about, these are man-made.

Are they transmitted through the earth from one place to another far away?


So it would be scrapers and heavy equipment?

Yes, and taking out fluids and replacing fluids in other places. It causes imbalance.

So is the earth talking to us?

It has been for a long time.

Are we hearing?

You are; not all are. I know, you do love your earth, but there are those very new beings who see it only as material, or fodder for their own want or gain. And so they choose to dig, distort, to scar its face, not thinking of how to heal it. Planting one tree does not heal an acre of land, nor replacing air with water that has been made toxic does not soothe it.

Do not be sad. Your mother earth has a great ability to heal itself–if given time, if given harmony and love. You see, your overturn of souls isn’t just about souls that walk the earth. This planet, this creation that helps you to learn, that teaches you, also has learning at hand. Everything has a purpose; every creature, every stone. Harmonize with it, balance with it, and each will support the learning that it as hand.

When things are out of balance chaos can erupt. The element of chance is at hand when many energies diametrically opposed to each other clash. These make sounds too. Vibrations make sounds. Thoughts can make sounds.