Put-the-bow-of-your-boat-into-the-waves-and-you-shall-get-to-shore-Jane-KenPut the bow of your boat into the waves and you shall get to shore, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

Put the bow of your boat into the waves and you shall get to shore

A guide speaks with one who has taken on a stressful course of study.

Do you have any advice about getting through the next two years of the course I am taking that I love but is driving me and everyone around me crazy. I am very tired. And how do I learn and process all the new information when I’m so stressed and tired?

You have launched yourself forward into a big mess instead of taking one day at a time. Just be in that one day, and absorb everything. You are interested in this. I know you are overwhelmed right now and wondering what it is you were thinking. But in truth it is what you want. And you don’t want to stop.

So just stop complicating it by thinking too much.  Be present in it. Look around. Relax, and realize that this is a wonderful opportunity. And you know most of the small details really aren’t important. The great concepts, the ways, the understanding—this is what you will get. And you’ll be fabulous at it.

How can I still have time when my daughter calls and I want to be with the grandchildren? Do I need to be more firm or take that time that is just so wonderful with the grandchildren?

That time you can’t get back again. Take that time. And know that you’ll have enough time to do the rest. Those are replenishing times, even though perhaps… I haven’t had a physical body for a while, but I do think grandchildren can be quite exhausting.  But be with them. Even just seeing them lifts your heart. And you’re also teaching them something quite amazing.

Your actions are not folly. You teach how you live—to children, to friends, to those who watch you, and those who just know you.

Do I need to keep myself in check so I won’t overreact to stress?

Keep yourself in check? Why on earth would you want to do that? Why would you limit the magnificence of a good old temper tantrum? You expend such energy when you can do that, or just scream, “What am I doing?” or “Really?”  “Could this really be happening?”  Yes, it’s happening. Laugh. It’s good. Release yourself. Release the energy. Jump up and down. Stamp your feet. Make some noise.

You are human. You’re dwelling in a body. This is one of the most difficult, damp, wet, hard-to-be-in places you could possibly imagine. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Put the bow of your boat into the waves and you shall get to the shore, my dear.

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