Pets that come to teach us love

pets-dogs-jane-kennard-spirit-wisdom-you-are-not-alone-2008Andrea from Italy asks about her puppy LadyBird who was poisoned. She had a strong bond with her and feels that this one is coming back to be with her again. She wonders if it is possible that the puppy that she is thinking of getting is her LadyBird coming back to her.

Blessed one, yes, it is very possible but it will be at the time that is needed for that being. They like all beings have their evolution. And they have, as you have, promises and growth to attend to. You have a loving heart, dear one. There are many that need to come to be with you. Think more of what you can do for them, than of what they can do for you. The bond you had with that being (LadyBird) was very good and very healing. I know you are very sad. But this was not the negative that you might think it is. That being is helping you in other ways now. Open your heart to many. For, in time, you will have more than just one. You are truly a nurturer of the universe. Allow them to come to you my dear. Be not afraid. Do not withhold. Your love is too great. And trust that that being is close.

She may have already got this new puppy. So, it is probably not the same one then?

No, but there will be more.

And how is it that our pets can help us when they are no longer in body?

Oh my dear, you do understand that the bond doesn’t end just because the cells have transformed from the solid to the fluid. These ones are often very much still close, soothing you, helping you to stay open. They do this so that the love they have taught you will continue. And as it continues it grows. And so they stay very close for a time, until they need to move forward for their own growth—as do beings of all forms.

And they are on their own path and cycle?


It’s amazing.

The communion of soul to soul is amazing.



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