So Wonderfully Silly

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Like many people, I have pets, and I buy them toys from time to time. Well, let's just say, we have bowls full. Rubber balls, jingly plastic spheres, fake mice with tails that look like real tails, feathery things on sticks, and things that squeak, just to name a few. The Boys, as we call [...]

All Creatures Great And Small

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Thank goodness for our pets. Well, that's what some people call them. I usually call them 'The Boys'. With the virus causing such a strain on us, thank goodness we have them. Spirit tells me that these beautiful creatures have come to teach us unconditional love. If there ever was a more perfect time to [...]

The love of pets… a new little man in my life

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Recently I was surprised with a loving gift from my partner and this new little man came into my life. Meet George Bailey! Yes, he is named after my favourite fictional character, George Bailey, played by James Stewart in the Holiday movie classic, It's a Wonderful Life. Having a loving pet in your life, can [...]

Helping an old cat be comfortable and at peace

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Wondering: I know my cat has an illness. What can I do at this stage to insure he is at peace and comfortable? He has started to spend more time by himself now. Are his teeth and gums paining him? Will it be okay if I clean his teeth with the tooth instruments I purchased [...]

Love yourself as you love your blessed animal pets

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Teri writes: I would very much like to know if my dog was brought to me from my spirit guide.  She is a cute little white fluff ball, very much like what I have desired, that I found as a stray two years ago.  I have this feeling inside me that perhaps my mother or [...]

The dilemma of helping pets to pass over

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Are we doing the animals a favour when we help them pass over, or are we just making it easier on ourselves? Think of it this way my dear, you love this creature very much and they are suffering terribly. You know the outcome, you have accepted that. It is the same as saying, alright, [...]

Pets that come to teach us love

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Andrea from Italy asks about her puppy LadyBird who was poisoned. She had a strong bond with her and feels that this one is coming back to be with her again. She wonders if it is possible that the puppy that she is thinking of getting is her LadyBird coming back to her. Blessed one, [...]


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