A cat that came to teach love and light

Vonna asked about her cat Louise, who is very unique and special. When she and the cat moved into a larger house the cat ran happily down the stairs and Louise a huge purple star explode from her body into the air around her and several other smaller, multicolored stars. Later Vonna saw a bright blue light from the centre of the cat’s spine up right through the roof of the house. Vonna feels the cat is a special gift from spirit and would like to know more about this.

Blessed, blessed being—I feel you are very lonely, and you see within this beautiful cat who has come to be with you its true purpose—and that is to teach you unconditional love. Listen to what this one has come to teach you. Trust that you are to go forward, to find love in other beings. To not just keep it between the two of you, but to multiply and go forward with this light and love. Fear not that which would be and enjoy that which is. Trust that this blessed being’s purpose was to teach you of love. So open your heart to others, allow them to come into your life. Be not so afraid, for you are a truly gentle being, worthy of love from the many that would like to be close to you. Any being that has come to teach love is a very special being, never doubt that.

She has seen energy around the cat.

Yes, she does see truth. That is the energy of light and love. She is so open to this being that she can see its whole spirit. And truly this small animal sees her. She has taught her love and happiness, and Vonna needs now to share it with others. She is a very sensitive, rather fearful being that needs to trust in the light and the love that she is so worthy of.

Some might believe that a small animal might not have importance on a being’s path. Its very much important. For who else could open the heart of this blessed being but this radiant little animal? She is filled with light, with no fear. Follow her teachings, for there’s a little wise being in that small body.

Thank you.

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