Old connections and bonds of love

Many years ago I dated a young man that my family did not like. They said he came from the ‘wrong side of town’.  He moved away but I always wondered about him over the 40 years that I have not seen or heard from him. He was a gentleman and so kind to me. I cared for him deeply but knew that my family did not. Last month an acquaintance from that time came back into my life. We have many similarities now. I spoke of this man and said that of all the people I wonder about from my past he is the one I would love to hear from…love to know something about. I have said this to several over the years. She had seen him in the past 5 years and told me what she knew about him. Three days later he called! It felt as though I called out to him and he heard it several thousand miles away. We have been talking on the phone some since then. I’m married. He’s married. My spouse is like roommate to me and a nice man. Can you enlighten me?

Dearest one, you are very lonely, but you have never shared this with the mate you have.  You have expected that he should read your mind.  God love him, but he cannot read your mind.  This being you reach out to, yes, you do have a bond with this one.  But you do not have the richness and the history of a life as you do with  your mate.  It was not always as a roommate.  Before you make any choices, take time to invest the excitement you have with the other one, into the one you have right now.  No, I am not saying it will work magic.  But you have to give him the opportunity.

You have been so self reliant, efficient, doing and being for everyone, that you are exhausted and empty and need filling up.  Love yourself by speaking of your needs.  I know you are afraid.  You can do this.  Open up to your mate.  In time, you might even tell about the other connection. You must try everything for you are a being of such high standards and that the thought of hurting another being will cause you great pain.  I know you say that you need to be held up for a while.  Give him a chance to hold yourself up.  Give yourself more time before you make any decisions.  You are a beautiful being, trust in this.

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