Kristine feels her husband does not want to grow and so she has chosen to step in and fill the gap. Now her health is in question and she’s asking for his help financially and he seems unwilling. She says, “I feel he wants me to do it and I’m frustrated. I must be well for my children. What can I do?”

All beings want to grow…but sometimes they become afraid. And they stay in one place—almost as if frozen—out of fear. But do not doubt this being wants to grow. You my dear Kristine, have such capacity to love; you have no fear of any movement forward. You jump willingly, knowing there is a great love to hold you. So be that love that you are. Be that love for him, for your children. Do not do his work for him. Do not assume he can or cannot do it. Love him. Surround him with that energy that you are—so purely. I know—you have great desire for all beings. Centre that love within it. Let the desire be for the growth and the love, for your children. Heal your being to your own ability, and choose what is right for you. I know you feel that you have one hurdle after another; that there is always something in front of the great ability for happiness. But you have been feeling as if you are pulling them all; that you are at the head, dragging this great weight. You are not. You are just trying to do everyone else’s work for them. And that is an impossible task. So pull back my dearest one. Be in the love and the light that you are. Extend it purely from your very chest. Radiate it. Use not words, but the vibration of love. Let it pour through your heart, through your eyes. Don’t worry that you have to use the words to support, to motivate, to move. Be it. Your children know of this. Sit with them and just be.

She also wants to know how to wean her daughter from the breast.

It is already done. There needs to be just nurturing. You need to teach this little one how to be strong. You know how to be strong. She is truly mirroring a fear that she has. It is fine.