Someone calling herself “Moving beyond Trauma and Pain” asks about a connection she had with a man.  She writes, “I feel I have had a past life connection with a man who is a celebrity whom I met when I was invited to go on his radio show. It was a very intense experience of attraction for both of us. Two years on we resumed the most incredible cryptic communication via email, facebook, and he playing cryptic soundbites for romantic songs on his radio show for me. We both had partners and we lived two hours away, but we both enjoyed the escape of sharing the romantic delights of the spirit world together.

Out of the blue, he decided to jump ship as his profile is becoming higher in the showbiz world and he is moving away from radio to TV. I am left feeling abandoned and feel very short changed from this exchange as I felt I brought him a lot of healing and sharing in spiritual knowledge (in his private life he enjoyed Spiritual pursuits) and he giving me very little in return but enjoying the takings. I feel very used. I feel there is still unfinished business between us and he is feeling riddled with guilt. I was told he was a past life connection before in a reading.”

Yes, dearest, there is most definitely a past life.  That is why when the two of you met it was very familiar and wonderfully exciting the reunion.  It did not mean that there would be such a time on this path together.  Just a knowing that all is as was.  Enjoy that that was.  Do not make it into a negative by putting on expectations.  You both came together.  You both needed and that was complete.  You, my child,  need to understand that you are very much feeling alone.  You seek to find that knowingness with another. That is why this one came.  But it was not for a long time.  It was to remind you that you are an amazing, vital being that there is someone for you.  See your path and the blessings that lie within it.  No need to feel upset or angry about yourself.

Your choices have always been most wonderous, healthy, healing.   This was to remind you of the vital part of you.  Do not feel negative about it for it was not so.  Like you cherish memories from the present and the past, do so with this.  Make it into a healing elixir that has opened a part of your being.  As to the one you met and loved again, surround this being with light and love and help him to that that he has come to do and you proceed on your path.  I know you are hopeful that you will meet again and it shall be.  Trust that each has received what you need and move forward on your path.