There are people on the planet right now, people who have a tremendous amount of influence. A woman by the name of Oprah and a writer by the name of Eckhart Tolle, and they are running on the internet a course speaking of healing through present moment, through consciousness and choice in every moment. The question we have is, will there ever be a state of consciousness on this planet of love and peace and vibrational harmony?

There is at this time. But you have asked “Will all beings be at the same time in this state of consciousness?” It is unknown. It has never yet occurred. There are dimensions where this has occurred. You ask many questions about this. Let me tell you something about your amazing dimension.

You all have chosen to come into this dimension to understand the strengths and the gentleness of being in the human form and all the lessons that are offered. The image of being is created entirely by your needs about what you need to grow. You dwell in a time when many very evolved beings are about to leave this dimension. To leave it to those who are very, very new. I know you have heard of this time. Many have spoken of it, many fear it. For when the great evolved ones often leave, if there is not a true story or a great teaching that they leave behind, there can be great chaos for a long time. Do you understand what I speak?

Are you talking about the rapture?

It is almost correct, but not quite. The understanding that all will be united isn’t quite what occurs. The evolved beings move on to the dimensions where they need to be for the states of learning they need to go to. And those that are still in this domain of the physical world continue their paths and the cycles they’re in. But at the certain times what has occurred, a great number of new souls, when a great number of the old ones leave, feel very lost and it is almost, you might think, a return to the dark ages. Chaos.

Is this what is referred to as the overturn of souls?

Is this upon us now?
It is the process all beings are in at this time. It is why there are many that are being called upon to teach.

Is that why we feel so driven at this point?

Is there a great teacher on the planet at this time?

It is true that messiahs often appear at this time to begin the teachings and stories, the need to show the way. And there is the possibility of this again. And as you know, to each being their choices lie before them in the growth that they must do. We cannot predict, we can only say what is possible. There is within your domain now beings of great evolution. A great number of them, and their messages are many. Seek the truth that is right for you and speak the truth you know. Worry not as to how many it will help grow, if only one, you have given the greatest gift.

Thank you.