Guilt–its purpose and its difficulties

Could you address Kristine’s question about guilt? She has heard that it comes from a need to be loved and accepted and she wants to know if it serves any purpose.

Yes, of course it does. It has a great purpose but it should not stop growth. If a being is constantly feeling that state of unease within themselves, then it must be addressed, just as any emotion that is constant within a being. Unfortunately in the human condition, the emotion of guilt is one that is easily grasped, and it is because of a need for love. There is a desperate need for love and there is a condition, much of which comes from religions. Many religions used this as a tool for control. And so it has been passed down through generations and it is almost cellular at this time. Guilt has a purpose—it awakens you, stops you and lets you listen. “What is bothering me?” But it should not be hung on you as chains that prevent growth. So when we do something that was not to the best of our ability, and we realize “Oh, that doesn’t feel very good… You have an opportunity to change it and to grow and move forward. There lies guilt, an important part. You can also feel that when there isn’t a need to be changing anything—but to love yourself. That’s when it’s out of balance.

Could you explain that a bit more?

If a being is constantly feeling that they have done something wrong, that they have not been good enough, not been enough for some other being. Out of balance. It is something that you should feel only once in a while, not constantly. Sometimes mothers feel that, that they have not done enough. Are you not surprised by the communication in your world about what mothers should and shouldn’t do? They’re constantly being bombarded by these messages, from all sources. It’s not so much guilt as it is uncertainty about what is the right way to be. There is certainly some guilt, some from outside and from some inside, from too much talking in your physical world. Tell these mothers to listen to their heart, and they will know what they need to do. Tell this young mother to listen to her heart. She knows when she is choosing something that has nothing to do with the state of her being. She is a being of light and love. Gets caught up in the many needs of others, and often gets quite consumed by their need, confusing herself. Again, not paying attention to what she really needs. Yes. A fine balance, a delicate balance. An amazing balance! It is an amazing gift to be in a body.

Do you miss it?

There is not a single spirit that does not miss it. For it is while you are in the physical body that there is an amazing clarity, a decisive line. You see it all around you, in a horizon, in the sunset, in the sunrise; in the edge of the water and the land, in the edge of hot and cold. I miss that amazing physical…physicality. I do not choose to be back there but I will always love it. I know I must be where I am now and I know I have ahead of me yet great and wondrous things. And this opportunity is a great and wondrous thing and many are in awe that I can do this too.

Really? Well, I’m in awe that you do it too.

I love you my blessed one.

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