Love yourself as you love your blessed animal pets

pets-animals-jane-kennard-spirit-wisdom-2011Teri writes:

I would very much like to know if my dog was brought to me from my spirit guide.  She is a cute little white fluff ball, very much like what I have desired, that I found as a stray two years ago.  I have this feeling inside me that perhaps my mother or father sent her to me from spirit.  Is she with me to guide me-to help me?  I have an older dog as well, Maddie, who seems like a very old soul.  She is very wise.  Perhaps either of these pets are reincarnations of other pets that have left this physical world?

I’ve read books and blogs on how to communicate with animals and I feel like Maddie has in the past.  A thought that would pop in my head telling me that she is too tired for the long walks I used to take her on.  I don’t get thoughts from Tink, the white dog, but sometimes she looks straight in to my eyes–something she won’t do with anyone else in the house.

Thank you for your time with this post.  I greatly look forward to your response.  I try myself to connect, to meditate, to grow, but have not done so as much as I should.  When I do meditate I have had such clarity in the past.  I just can’t seem to get any with respect to this question.

The guide’s response:

Dearest ones, these gentle beings have come into your life to teach unconditional love.  You have been very lonely and you have often felt like you are in a world by yourself.  They have spoken to you, for they are truth.  With these ones you feel you are not judged, that there are not expectations for you to be or to do, but just to love.  It is true. You do commune with both of them.

Were they sent by those who love you? Yes, sent on a path of purpose to one who feels alone and not loved.  Yes, blessed one. And you love them with such ease. You fear for them.  You hold them very close to your heart.

In your meditations, you try to manipulate yourself.  Try just to float without expectations.  You know your little ones have not expectations.  Each moment is a new moment.  Old habits can be changed.  You can find this companionship in many ways and with humans as well.  You have always communicated with animals. You have always felt in huge conversations with them.  Continue on your path and know that you are with blessed beings.

I know you feel you are past learning anything new, you are not.  For in these steps alone you have taken the steps of trust. You hold yourself very tight.  Little one, love yourself as much as you love these blessed beings.  Share your wonders with others.  Trust, even though you are afraid.  You are light, you are love and you are lovable. 

You are not alone.



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