Helping an old cat be comfortable and at peace

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Wondering: I know my cat has an illness. What can I do at this stage to insure he is at peace and comfortable? He has started to spend more time by himself now. Are his teeth and gums paining him? Will it be okay if I clean his teeth with the tooth instruments I purchased [...]

Love yourself as you love your blessed animal pets

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Teri writes: I would very much like to know if my dog was brought to me from my spirit guide.  She is a cute little white fluff ball, very much like what I have desired, that I found as a stray two years ago.  I have this feeling inside me that perhaps my mother or [...]

The dilemma of helping pets to pass over

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Are we doing the animals a favour when we help them pass over, or are we just making it easier on ourselves? Think of it this way my dear, you love this creature very much and they are suffering terribly. You know the outcome, you have accepted that. It is the same as saying, alright, [...]


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