Open doorIs there a promise in this environment which involves my growth? I’m feeling fatigued and out of sync with my coworkers?. Can these work relationships improve, or is it best to let go and look for a new position?

Well, you will always be looking.  There will always be opportunities left and right.  What do you bring to this place?  You must think how you feel about your place of work.   Does it bring you any happiness or peace?  Or, or do you go in with your coat of armor so heavy upon you that it is visible by all of those around you.

I believe you think work is just too much draining no matter what it is.  If you concentrate on your free time, if you give yourself the gift of life and laughter in that you will create an opening to do in that time and make all work positive.

It seems as if many of the beings that are drawn to your light want to put it out.  So it is not surprising that they might be argumentative with you.  They won’t open doors for you for they feel you have a magic ability to open your own doors.  It is often the case when a very evolved being is in situations such as this.

You know very well you can do many different forms of work but you never give yourself the fun things to do.  So, concentrate on that and the rest will take care of itself.