Fear and Spirit Guides

Rose asks, “Are the spirit guides who have been behaving in a tormenting and torturous way towards me for over two years now being affected by the Planets? Meaning, for example, when Mars is retrograde, or Jupiter coming into Aries in the 8th house, or any other planetary movement? Do spirit guides attack humans in order to work out Karma from a previous life? Thank you.”

Blessed one, a spirit guide is a guardian, a helper, a healer, a being of light that grows through your growth, through your forward movement.  There would be no purpose for a being of light to frighten or inflict any station which would cause the being to not grow.  These things that you are referring to are created from your  own fear.  You manifest all  manner of fear with which to frighten yourself.

Blessed one, you are a gentle and kind being.  You have great expectations of yourself to reach a certain height.  You judge yourself harshly. I want you to radiate the love and light you are, towards yourself.  There is nothing in spirit that would harm you any way.  Why do you create these actions against yourself?  Perhaps it gives you safety at this time.  But you are about to release that and allow the radiant being that you are to be the peace and love that you have always been.  You have adopted many conditions and understandings from other information, not from those guides that help you.  You seek information from many ways, but your filter is clogged with fear, dearest one. I say this not in judgment.  But that is where you felt safe for a long time.  Fear has kept you at a distance from trying new things where you felt unsure.  You know the phrase, there is nothing in spirit that can harm you.  Planets do not alight to cause chaos.  Energy moves through all things.  Be light.  Be love.

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