Why are religions so antagonistic to one another?

We have right now, a number of different religious groups on this planet. And some of them seem to be so antagonistic to each other. I find it hard to see that when I believe that the principles behind them are the same. What can we do to keep those wars from happening?

There have been the great tribes forever my dear. And they will always (whether it be religion, whether it be a cow, or anything) there will always be those that wish to judge the other. And it is in the evolution and the great growth that you realize that the judgment isn’t needed. There is only one truth and that will be your truth. Do not expect another being to have it. Allow them theirs. That is the greatest truth.

So we should each seek our own truth?

Yes, so many beings have died fighting for something that is another being’s truth. And when they crossed over, they were so dismayed that it caused a great upheaval in spirit after some of your great wars and things that have occurred. There was a huge upheaval.

It’s interesting to note as well, that there’s increased spiritualism. You know, where they start doing all sorts of clairvoyance and interesting ways of spirit communicating into the physical world after these great disruptions. Because there is such disharmony in the spirit growth of those that do not wish to come back into the physical world to continue. I don’t know if you want to speak of this right now. But it is true that it’s nothing to be afraid of when a being is confused in spirit. Give them time. They may wish to stay there for a while, but they will come back.

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