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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Women, judge yourself against no other. You are in a unique and wonderful experience. Draw upon the Grandmother Wisdom that you all possess. All things are possible when you hold your world with unconditional love. [...]

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Christmas Wish

"In the air there's a feeling of Christmas"... or is it a feeling of uncertainty... of change. Christmas traditions and beliefs are thought to be never changing. In truth the most constant thing about this [...]

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Thanksgiving… giving thanks

In the wee hours of the morning, I was making final touches to the Thanksgiving table while the words thanksgiving and giving thanks were present with me. I am so thankful for so much in [...]

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Eve of the American Election

I know a lot of people in this world are worrying and wishing there was something that we could do in this time of fear and uncertainty. We cannot vote unless you are living in [...]

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To love yourself…

To love yourself... is to care, with a gentle heart, about your state of “being”. Not clothes, shoes, and job, but to see yourself as part of a greater love. Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom You [...]

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Think of yourself like a tree

If you think of yourself like a tree, each new ring makes the tree stronger. So does each experience make you stronger, more resilient against the winds of life. Love, Jane Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom [...]

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What does Easter mean to you?

For me, Easter is a time of rebirth and new life... everything coming alive. Please share your thoughts...    

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The love of pets… a new little man in my life

Recently I was surprised with a loving gift from my partner and this new little man came into my life. Meet George Bailey! Yes, he is named after my favourite fictional character, George Bailey, played [...]

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I love the circle energy

My goodness, it's more than a week since our last gathering. The September get-together at Goward House was to discuss the idea of, and the belief in, past lives. I loved the conversations we had. [...]

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Exploring Past Lives, Thursday, Sept 24

Thursday, Sept 24th will be our third gathering at Goward House in Victoria. Our evenings so far have been about finding out who you are, and finding out more about your Guides and accessing their [...]

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Our second evening at Goward House…

Our second evening at Goward House was another amazing experience. Each event brings its own unique energy. And last night I felt that the people who came were participating in their own growth. I feel [...]

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I learn so much from being with others

Summer is upon us in Victoria. I love to sit and have my coffee in the garden in the early morning (usually still in my nightgown). It is so still yet so alive. The humming [...]

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Our June 13th Circles event was wonderful

I don't completely have any idea what was asked or answered but I felt so enveloped by the energy. Being with all of the shiny, wonderful people, I found it hard to leave. My memory [...]

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New website bringing us all closer together

Hello and welcome to our fresh new Home... spruced up the place a bit... hope you noticed. I am very excited about our new website and want to thank the amazing members of our Circle [...]