Not surprisingly, many people are leaving their positions right now. They call it burnout. It’s actually that they have given all their energy and not received enough back. This is not about money; it’s about being seen, being heard, and feeling important. An imbalance like this is very overwhelming.

Often, upon putting in resignations, they are regaled with, “Oh no, why? I can’t imagine you not being here! We need you. We love you.”

Why don’t we just turn to each other and say, “I so appreciate your being here now!” Why do we not support each other now? This should also be at the very centre of our lives now, in our families, with our friends. When did you last say to your children, “I’m so glad you are here with us now!”

Take a breath, look into the eyes of the next masked “Being” you are near, and say, “Thank you!”

Thank you to all the helpers, all the healers, and all the angels present in our world. Thank you to those who protest and for bringing certain things to our attention. Thank you to all who have shown up at this very difficult time. Only if we support each other, can it be healed now.

This is not new information; it’s old, but Spirit says it still works now. You know yourself, when someone takes the time to thank you, you feel you can go on. Maybe even more than that, maybe conquer the world now.

Thank you for “Being” present now!


You are not alone

Photography by Kirsten Pierce