Be Patient

Today I asked my Guide, “Everyone is so exhausted. What’s going on?”

His reply was:

This is and will be a difficult time. All times of great learning have the capacity for difficulty.

You are all vibrationally crossing over from a scientific time into a spiritual time. Understanding in spirit, we don’t use time. It’s growth that is the measurement. These two elements of learning are not diametrically opposed. Quite the opposite. Both should be within your growth. Enlightenment is a balance of all things.

You will find yourself questioning things you’ve accepted. Why, what, how, and, “Did I really come here willingly?” Yes, you did. You are here to learn and to help others learn. Not all are the same, but all important to creat a balance. Use all of the elements you have learned. Time to put it all into action. Speak truth, love, and patience.

Hang on, don’t give up. Remember to ask for help from the Beings of Light that are present with you. You are their most cherished Being and your growth is their one purpose.

Change is at hand.

You are not alone.

I love you,

Photography by Kirsten Pierce

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