I realize I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Not only do I love to cook for loved ones, it’s a meditation for me. I’ve never really sat meditating the way most spiritual beings do. I center and open my mind and body by asking Spirit to join me, to walk with me.

Making bread is so perfect for talking with Guides. You knead it with your hands, you keep it warm. I talk to it too, for it is alive. My starter, Roxanne, was given to me by my son. He too must commune with the angels when he makes bread, for it is out of this world.

Breaking bread… something we all must do. I think we have lost how important it is to create a circle of love around it. Though we don’t have to work all day now in preparation, we can make time to be together. You and your family or friends will be healthier for it. Digestion even improves happiness from enjoying time together.

This is not about praying and thankfulness; it’s about honouring “being” and all the wonders a life should hold.

I guess you could say I don’t do things by the book. I do things by the heart.


You Are Not Alone