What is truth?

Funtastic asks about what is truth. He says, “Hi Jane and Joanna. Thank you for this blog.
My question is: Is the information Hidden_Hand is providing at Above Top Secret true, in general? Is the God of the Holy Bible NOT the one prime infinite source from which all else is derived? Is what he speaks of regarding ruling families not being human beings but just looking like human beings correct?
To quote him/it, Your Creator, the one you have called ‘Yahweh’, is not “God” inasmuch as your bible refers to him as being “the One True God”. He is ‘a’ Creator (or Sub-Sub-Logos) rather than the One Infinite Creator. He is not even a Galactic level Logos, but rather, is the Planetary Logos for this one planet. Our Creator, is the one you refer to as ‘Lucifer’, “The Light Bearer” and “Bright and Morning Star”. Our Creator is not “The Devil” as he has been spuriously portrayed in your bible. Lucifer is what you would call a “Group Soul” or “Social Memory Complex”, which has evolved to the level of the Sixth Density, which in effect, means that he (or more accurately “‘we”) has evolved to a level sufficient that he (we) has attained a status equal or arguably ‘greater’ than that of Yahweh (we have evolved higher than him). In appearance, were you to gaze upon Lucifer’s fullest expression of our Being, the appearance would be that of a Sun or a “Bright Star”. Or, when stepping down into a 3rd Density vibration, we would appear as what you may term an ‘Angel’ or ‘Light Being’. ” Is this true what he/it says? 

Namaste. We and you, be. We are all one in a great mix of an energy, a Mother, or for lack of words, a God. You are of this and you reflect it. You grow and you learn in an individual time in order to return to be part of the greater, thus to be spun out again like the most brilliant star. It is a closed circuit, but in fact it is one amongst many, as you are one amongst many; each level, each dimension being nourished by that from the other. There are so many levels that the truth lies within all. Seek the height, the dimension that nourishes you, gives you peace. You do not need to know all of it, all of the time. You can simply be and not seek all of it and have quite a good lifetime.

This dear one is very, very concerned about what truth is. And truth is a very individual thing, centred within the being’s conscious and subconscious vibrational code. It has to do with a frequency levels causes within a being. If you try to assume a truth that does not meet a criteria within you, it will cause you chaos.

Yes, you have all at times seen what happens one has to memorize something that does not fit. And you cannot do it. Whether it be of a scripture, or something a scribe spoke of. If it is not fitting for you, then it cannot and will not do. So truth is as individual as each of you are and should be.
Know that there is no one blanket that fits all. All things help to build it and create it. So do not sit in judgement that this is ridiculous and that is not. If it has purpose for some, then it has a purpose. This child, wants to be nourished by all manner of things and then be able to remember it. It is not possible. For your conscious mind will only contain those elements that feel right. Keep asking and know there that is great love for you.

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