Coincidences and the energy of oneness

KF asks about what we call coincidences—like when people think about another person and then within a few moments they see that person or are contacted by that person.She wonders how this happens and what it means.

Coincidence—happening at one time. If you understand (though it might seem a stretch of the oneness) that all beings are of one, that you all dwell within an energy that is one—then you will understand that the being has moved into the realm of being open to this. Not all people experience it. Call it whatever name you wish, it is that you are one with other beings. And thus you can perceive or draw them close at any time. You are separated in the vibrational state by certain elements. Some move slower than others, thus giving you form. But you are one in the dimension that you use to manifest a life, a path. Think of yourself as dipping into a tank.You being the spirit that goes into this tank of water. You are one with this water; you are still a spirit, yet still move still move through all of it, but you have form now.

Coincidence—man’s way of trying to control and put parentheses around things, put limits to things. There are none. You have stepped into this realm of higher thought. You cannot leave it.

Thank you. Some people I guess are more open to it, or more aware of it—or pay more attention to it?

Some beings are more evolved than others, have had more lifetimes. Yes, they have different promises or tasks of learning. But all are one—the very new, the very ancient. While you dwell in this dimension you are of the same energy. You vibrate at different rates, thus you choose different forms to manifest. But all are using the same raw materials I might say.


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