The answer is not violence but love and teaching, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

The answer is not violence but love and teaching

A guide talks about what happened in Paris and how we can move forward

We were talking about what happened in Paris, and what that means for the world, and how we can cope with it and move forward?

By embracing it. You cannot heal that that you hide from or that that you push away from you. These beings know only hate. They do not know the love that you know. You would not deprive a blind person; you should not deprive them. They have not the sense or feelings that you do—and so you must only speak of love and acceptance.

Yes, it is true that you must protect those that choose only to grow, to be, to experience a lifetime. It is true that you can speak that it is not acceptable to take another’s life. But judge them not with eyes of anger, but see them only with eyes of love. They have been indoctrinated in a way that you do not understand—but it is their reality.

You, and forgive me for saying this, but you are evil to them. They believe that God is on their side. They do not understand that yes, God is on their side, but on all sides. And the answer is not violence but communication, and love and teaching and supporting, back and forth.

The best thing to further their cause is to put up barriers, is to fight with the vengeance and violence that they choose. It feed their very purpose.

So many people in the world revert to that at times like this.

They are very new souls. Be patient with them. It is your job to teach.

So what advice can we give to the leaders?

That you must do what is right by all beings: to love them, to help them, to offer a hand in the darkness, to not be afraid. But to stand and be the light that they are. As a beacon in the darkness, as a lighthouse telling the ships that there are terrible seas or rocks that they might hit. That there is light and there will be compassion and love, not judgment.

Well, that’s a tall order. When you say, ‘love them’ how could the world demonstrate that? How could something turn that around?

Where they are hungry, feed them. Where they are alone, stand with them. Where they have a confused thought, speak your truth. Oh I know. Many will be killed in this process. But being in your truth and leaving a lifetime is a positive place to be. If you are not in your truth, but doing an action under an umbrella of someone else’s, is a very confusing time for them.

You see there is much more than just your dimension. There is much more at hand. The struggle that you all embrace at this time shows the illness in the state of your planet. Your mother earth is ill—so of course it would spread to its inhabitants.

Yes, it’s a tall order that is asked of you now. We’ve been saying it for a long time. It is time for the ancient ones to step up, to speak their truth. To speak their truth about their earth, about the choices that are made by policies in action, about how you live and walk in your life.

There were many opportunities for these young men to be helped—and they were not. Does this justify it? No. I am not saying that there’s anything that makes any of this right. It is the process of growth. It will continue.

There are many that have an apathy that this is just a learning ground, and so they’ll learn over and over, and those will die and those will live. But those of you that have come, the ancient ones now, are responsible for the overturn to be the positive heightening of the energies.

And no, it’s not too tall a task to ask of all of you—for it is what you came to do. Bless you my lovely beings, for you are love.

Another guide comes through.

Perhaps I don’t want to speak at this time, after such heavy conversation.  Fear not. Fear not. Truly this can be a joyous thing. If you do not invite in the fear and do not take part in all that negativity you can just stand in the light. No, you’re not being cruel or unkind. Give them your time, your attention. See, hear, embrace, but just do not tolerate getting into the fear mongering.

Bless you all.

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