So Wonderfully Silly

Like many people, I have pets, and I buy them toys from time to time. Well, let’s just say, we have bowls full. Rubber balls, jingly plastic spheres, fake mice with tails that look like real tails, feathery things on sticks, and things that squeak, just to name a few.

The Boys, as we call them, are named George and Harry, after the Bailey Boys from the movie It’s A Wonderful Life. At this very moment, they are running around the house making the funniest noises. Maybe because it’s very windy outside, but more than likely it’s because of a toy. An amazing toy, the ultimate toy, that is crazy fun for both of them… a wire. You know, that plastic coated one from around the broccolini. There’s no talking to them when they have one of those. However, their absolute favourite toy is a guitar string.

It is my belief that these two ‘Pedegree Poops’ are not the smartest, but they surely are the funniest. They bring us pure joy!

If you have a pet, I’m sure you know that all the love and care you have given is returned to you 10 fold.

If you don’t have one in your life right now, visit one, borrow one, go out for a walk and strike up a conversation with an owner.

Pets bring us unconditional love and healing joy. Every owner will say they are a family member.

How blessed are we.


You Are Not Alone

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