The dilemma of helping pets to pass over

pets-jane-kennard-spirit-wisdom-you-are-not-alone-2009 Are we doing the animals a favour when we help them pass over, or are we just making it easier on ourselves?

Think of it this way my dear, you love this creature very much and they are suffering terribly. You know the outcome, you have accepted that. It is the same as saying, alright, I have been shot in the heart with an arrow. Now, do I pull the arrow out, or do I shove it in all of the way? Do I suffer through pulling it right through my body more, or do I pull it out and feel? For you, you must feel. The choice lies within each individual action and the being where they be in their evolutionary path. If you have the ability to lessen pain, is it right? It all depends upon how evolved you are? It is a dilemma that is great in your world.

Yes, because we do have these abilities and really the question applies to people as well…

You’ve always had these abilities. The power of strength over the power of weak. Nothing new. Suffering is a part of the physical world. Pain is a part of the physical world. Choices, as to how much, is up to you. I am not making light of something that is very difficult.

But can we make that choice for another being?

The best choice. Is it right or wrong? I cannot answer that.

Then it depends on…?

It depends upon where you are in your circle.

And the others as well? It is easier to do when it is a person and you can discuss it. I guess with our animal companions… well, we discuss it through our heart. I guess.

Yes, and if you understand their purpose is to teach you about unconditional love, it will help you. Be not afraid of the transition. I think if you understand that, you will make the right choice. There always are going to be certain things we will not answer for you because the element of growth is at hand.

Thank you.



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  1. Anonymous September 1, 2009 at 9:42 am - Reply

    I am continually surprised about the number of “coincidences” that are occurring lately in my life. I awakened this morning after dreaming about a much-loved sheltie who died a couple of years ago…in my dream I couldn’t save her either. I log in to your blog this morning, and there is a picture that looks so much like her…nothing removes the pain entirely, but your words lessen it as it may be possible to grow through this kind of pain. Thank you so much. pam

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