The love of pets… a new little man in my life

Recently I was surprised with a loving gift from my partner and this new little man came into my life. Meet George Bailey!


Yes, he is named after my favourite fictional character, George Bailey, played by James Stewart in the Holiday movie classic, It’s a Wonderful Life.


Having a loving pet in your life, can really help to ground you. They love you unconditionally and ask for very little in return. Some nourishment, some playtime, and lots of cuddling. Sounds like we could all benefit from a little more of this in our lives.

So far little George Bailey is settling in nicely. Our two other cats have already grown to love him, and as he gets bigger, he’s finding his place in the house very nicely.


Through my website people have asked questions about their pets and animals in general. Do they have a soul? Do they reincarnate? What is their evolutionary path?

The guides have shared many loving messages about pets and animals. The guides have said that our pets are here to teach us about unconditional love and letting go. In another message based on one of the questions submitted through my website, the guide replied, “Love yourself as you love your blessed animal pets.”


To read more about some of the pet related questions that have been asked of the guides, and their responses, search my website for pets and animals.

We are so blessed to have the Spirit Guides in our lives. It truly is… a wonderful life!

If you would like to ask a question of the Spirit Guides specifically related to your pets and animals, submit your question here.


You are not alone.




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