Helping an old cat be comfortable and at peace


I know my cat has an illness. What can I do at this stage to insure he is at peace and comfortable? He has started to spend more time by himself now. Are his teeth and gums paining him? Will it be okay if I clean his teeth with the tooth instruments I purchased for him? I have developed itching over my body; does this have anything to do with me holding him against my body?

Guides’ Response:

Oh dearest one, please don’t use the instruments on his teeth. His teeth are weak and loose. Just allow this one to drink plenty of water. Good food, warmth, tender love—and when you look and dwell with him don’t be fearful of loss but just joyful of love. When you think of him open your heart and surround him in warm tender, tender pats.

As a gentle little animal such as this one prepares to leave the physical domain they often wish not to be touched. It is easier for them to let go. But touching is not a bad thing. Do not think you are harming him in any way. He might want to go and hide in different places, but it’s quite all right for you to find him and love him. And touch him gently, in circular motions, but don’t poke and pry too much at this time. They have an amazing ability to heal themselves—just as you do.

Now then, the rash, what does a rash mean? It means you are stressed and your liver is working overtime. So for you too, lots of water. Perhaps some physical touch would be very good for you too. Perhaps a massage or some physical therapy.

Ah, but mostly dearest one, to love yourself. In the morning when you rise, often a nice, soft gentle natural bristle brush, brushing your skin towards your heart. And then a warm (not too hot, not too cold) immersion in water or a shower, not with heavy soaps or perfumes but light and gentle. Dry, do not use a towel; let your skin absorb the liquid from the shower or bath. No perfumes, no lotions, just loveliness. You could, in time if you wish, especially if your skin becomes dry on the shins and the forearms, use some oils: sesame oil or olive oil. They are very gentle and loving. You could apply them.

Eat well, sleep long, deep sleeps, and laugh. Your rash will diminish.



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